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to fall in love with yourself?

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"I wish I was able to list what exactly was so refreshing about working with her, but it really is not just one thing. There’s a certain feeling that she brings to a shoot. Working with Daytona makes you feel like you’re hanging out with your best girlfriend, but having someone there to capture all of those moments that you truly feel beautiful. The way you stretch, or smile, or glance over your shoulder, the beauty she sees in you will translate impeccably onto the film you receive from the session."

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"Shooting with Daytona was so empowering. She makes sure you are super comfortable and she creates a safe place to really allow you to explore your own beauty and self. And she captures it so well! She is fun, professional and above all, incredible talented."

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"Thank you, Daytona, for seeing me inside of my body and shining light on her. Thank you for wiping off the dust from the windows. Thank you for your magic and your energy and your love. You inspire me and..everyone you touch."

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"Daytona is one of the most genuine people I've ever come across, meeting and shooting with her was absolutely amazing. Her ability to capture people as their true selves is a rare thing to find and my favorite thing about her photography. I absolutely love the photos from our session together."

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"Working with Daytona was amazing! As a fellow photographer, I had worked in my space many times and have struggled coming up with fresh vibes. Daytona came right in and quickly knew what she wanted to shoot, finding gems in my own backyard that I had never noticed before. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful: probably the bet coaching I've had during a shoot from a photographer. All around wonderful experience and I wish we still lived close because I would shoot with her all the time."

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"Daytona is a warm and gifted photographer. I instantly felt comfortable working with her-like taking pictures with an old friend. Throughout our shoot, she kept the lines of communication open, asking questions and checking in with me. She has an amazing eye for what will translate in a photo. I trust her completely behind the camera, especially in such an intimate setting. I'm so happy with the result; these are some of my favorite photos of myself."

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"As someone who had a difficult time adjusting to their pregnancy body and the changes that came with it, shooting with Daytona was an eye opening experience. The setting and her warm demeanor made shooting a very comfortable and inviting experience. I was able to relax and embrace my body and I truly believe that my photos show that. Looking at them, I am able to see the beauty in my pregnancy and am glad I decided to have photographs taken of this wonderful time in my life. Daytona made me feel beautiful at a time when I had doubted that and the fact that she does this all on film is an even bigger testament to her true talent."

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"What a beautiful experience. From the first day I spoke to Daytona and booked my session I began looking inside myself and started to remember who I am, aside from being a mother. I started taking better care of myself and putting myself first a little more often. By the day of the shoot I felt totally relaxed knowing that a stylist would be there for me, and that Daytona would guide me since I usually feel very awkward in front of a camera. The studio is lovely and the session itself was so peaceful!
The fact that Daytona shoots on film shows that she is truly talented. She is fully present during the shoot, really seeing what a beautiful image could be and snapping it at just the right moment. She asked me what I wanted to get out of the shoot and more than delivered. She got the shots I specifically asked for plus more I couldn’t have even imagined! I know that each of my images were well thought out, shot intentionally and a result of Daytona’s vision. I love the creamy colors, the natural grain, and the perfect imperfections of some of my photos that make them even more special. After I saw them for the first time I felt such a sense of serenity that she captured these fleeting moments in time for me, knowing that my children and I will have them to cherish forever, to hold in our hands and to keep in the portrait box that could still be around long after I’m gone. I hope that anyone who is on the fence about booking a session with Daytona will realize how valuable it is and give themselves this priceless gift!"

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"Not only is Daytona an incredible photographer, but she is also a beautiful human being inside and out! She really did an amazing job and her vision and attention to detail was spot on. I will definitely recommend her to all of my friends!"

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"Shooting with Daytona was a very special experience that I'll always be be grateful for. She truly has a unique ability to make you feel instantly comfortable, no matter how uncomfortable you feel being photographed. Like most people, I started to regret scheduling a session right before the shoot -- out of anxiety and nerves-- but Daytona made it one of the most enjoyable and empowering experiences. She truly went above and beyond every expectation. She's extremely professional, kind and caring. You'll leave feeling like you have a forever friend. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to celebrate their body."

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"Working with Daytona was one of the best things I have done for myself recently. This is a time of my life that I am so excited to be able to have this physical reminder of how much I value myself. During the session she is such a ball of energy and makes you feel so safe during this super vulnerable experience. The amount of respect she has for you really allows you to embrace the whole experience. I wouldn't have wanted to have this experience with anyone else. And seeing my pictures for the first time... it's everything that I dreamed of."

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behind the camera

My name is Daytona Lamade & I’m a boudoir photographer. It’s my life’s biggest privilege to facilitate a space for women to shift: I want your photos to allow you to shift from a space of comparison to a space of celebration. I want you to shift from self-criticism to self adoration. I want you to shift into a soulful space of reverence for yourself, your story and the space you occupy in your world.

I’ve seen firsthand that portrait photography is a powerful medium; when you book a boudoir session, you are saying to the universe: “okay, I’m ready to see myself with love” and that’s when the magic begins to seep into every area of your life.

and if you’re already there, already on your self-love journey: this an opportunity to dig your heels in and rise up in it. To hold the proof in your hands that you are your own soulmate and have always been so worthy of the love you lavish on yourself.

I believe that this niche of photography is a natural continuation of art history. The most famed artists in history have been celebrating the female body for centuries and only recently has society started questioning the morals of women who want to explore, celebrate and commemorate their own form. 

I believe that every single woman has a story worth telling, a story that doesn’t start or end with marriage, children, weight loss, or any other life event that validates the need for professional photos. Now is the perfect time.

Here is my promise to you as my client: When you choose to show up for yourself, I will give you everything else you need in order to really see the highest version of yourself in the final images. 



what to expect

From the moment you book, I will be your biggest cheerleader, fiercest advocate.  99% of my clients are quick to let me know they’ve “never done anything like this before.” There are a lot of experiences in life that won’t hold your hand, but a boudoir session with me is not one of them. I got you.

Each and every boudoir session is a full service, luxury experience that is tailor made to you. 

When I get your inquiry, I’ll text you to set a date & time for a 20 minute consult call. This is where we’ll get to know each other, talk about what to expect if we work together & you can share any existing inspiration you have for your session. When we hang up, I send over my session guide, a contract & invoice so you are able to look everything over, ask any questions you may have & then get yourself on my books, 


Before your session, I send over a comprehensive preparation guide so you’re completely ready for your boudoir session, and a pre-session questionnaire so I have all the information I need to make sure the day is perfect. I also ask you to create and share a moodboard on Pinterest so I can see what you are drawn to visually.

On the day of your session, you receive professional hair and makeup and will have 90 minutes in front of the camera (enough time for three looks). 

After your images have been retouched we will get together again for an in person reveal & ordering appointment, 3-4 weeks after your session. This is where you get to see your images for the first time & decide which you would like to purchase & which products you would like to take home. I have a tightly edited menu of heirloom quality products; any images you purchase include both the physical & digital copy.

Frequently Asked Questions



I don't like ___________ about myself. Will this ruin the photos? Will you photoshop my images to get rid of it?

If there's something about your appearance that you don't love (we all have something), let's talk about it. A session with me is a safe space from any and all judgement, including judgement about not loving every single thing about your body. While I don't photoshop bodies, I can absolutely adjust the way I photograph and pose you to focus on what you DO love about yourself, while drawing less attention to the parts that you've told me you are self conscious about.

My portraits are retouched to remove blemishes and soften skin, but unless specifically requested, I won't retouch away permanent about you: freckles, scars, tattoos, etc.


I'm not photogenic or confident in front of the camera. Should I still book?

Yes! Most of the women you see in my work are everyday, albeit absolutely gorgeous, women. It's my job to get you feeling comfortable in front of the camera, and that's a process I've gotten really good at. Any professional photographer will tell you there's no such thing as being un-photogenic, there are just bad poses, bad lighting, unflattering angles and.... bad photographers who won't put you at ease in such a vulnerable place.

A shoot with me is incredibly lighthearted, and EASY, despite being incredibly luxurious. I'll be giving you tons of direction, showing you how to pose, and cheering you on the whole time. Every one of my testimonials mentions that I made them feel at ease in front of the camera, which is something I'm incredibly proud of.

P.S. It took me 23 years to finally become comfortable in front of the camera.


Should I wait until I ______ (lose 10 lbs, get engaged, land my dream job, etc)?

A session with me is an amazing way to celebrate big accomplishments, life events or physical transformations, but I've found that as women, we block ourselves from what we really want by convincing ourselves we need to accomplish something to deserve it.

There is something just as powerful about booking a session "just because." No one has made it this far without a story worth telling, and there is something incredible about recognizing that exactly where you are, who you are and what you're becoming is worth celebrating. And you can always come back for round 2 after that big accomplishment on the horizon.


What do I wear? How should I do my hair and makeup?

When you book a session, we'll work together on a mood board to figure out exactly how you want to be photographed. From there, I'll make you a packing list so you know exactly what to bring to your session. Ultimately, you are in complete control of what you want to wear and how much skin you're comfortable showing.

I include professional hair and makeup with every session! If you don't like the way it looks PLEASE let us know before we start shooting. We are both committed to making sure you feel like the best version of yourself, and want you to begin and end your session feeling thrilled with the way you look.


Where will we shoot?

I share a beautiful studio space in Virginia Beach but can go wherever you'd like. I love in-home sessions and outdoor sessions!


Can I bring a friend? A bunch of girlfriends?

Absolutely! If you know your friend will be 100% supportive of you and will allow you to feel completely at ease, she's absolutely welcome. I ask that "moral support" friends be limited to one, BUT would love to photograph you and a bunch of girlfriends for the most fun girls day/bachelorette party ever.


How far in advance should I book?

I recommend booking your date at least 4 weeks in advance so we have adequate time to plan, but I can accommodate tighter schedules if needed. Our reveal is 3 weeks after our session, and add on 4 weeks of production time for albums and wall art. You will get your digital files that day!

Portrait boxes can be available as soon as 2 weeks after our session, Heirloom albums can be available as soon as 4 weeks after our session but rush fees may be incurred.


How many photos will I be shown?

I show 20-25 finished photos at your reveal.


Will my photos be shared on social media?

You get to decide which (if any) images you are comfortable with me sharing. It is totally okay if you'd like to keep them ALL private.