February 28, 2020

*not* a supermodel for a day experience


I often see the phrase “supermodel for a day” used to advertise a full-service photoshoot. While I have no qualms with other photographers using this to describe their experience, It’s not a sentiment that fits my style of boudoir photography.

The service I offer is comprehensive: not only do you get a plethora of resources in preparation for your session, you get full hair & makeup, professional wardrobe consultation, and a five-star experience in front of the camera, but I don’t want you to leave your session feeling like a super model. I don’t want you leaving your session feeling like an inflated alter-ego version of yourself. Not an ultra-glamorous caricature. No I want you to leave your boudoir session feeling like the most grounded, most empowered, most confident, most whole rendition of *yourself*.