September 26, 2018

Soft & Cozy Boudoir Session {Norfolk, Virginia}Morgan

In-Home Portraits

Soft and Cozy Lifestyle Boudoir Photos, taken in my home studio in Norfolk, VA

When I grow up I want to be Morgan. I reminisce about my senior year of college and how clumsy and miserable it was- how I felt like I was dragging the weight of the world behind me just to get to graduating. I didn’t really “get dressed” most of the time– I lived in a bathrobe and I barely felt human. Morgan is doing way more than I think I could have fathomed in college (for as long as I’ve known her she’s had two jobs)– and she’s doing it gracefully???? and is always glowing and still balances a social life, exudes kindness all the time and is just a freaking gem in our community- a real “to know her is to love her” sort of deal. it was such a fun time to have her in front of my camera.