Hello, I'm
Daytona Lamade


And I am a boudoir & portrait photographer. It’s my life’s calling to facilitate a space for women to shift: I want your photos to allow you to shift from a space of comparison to a space of celebration. I want you to shift from self-criticism to self adoration. I want you to shift into a soulful space of reverence for yourself, your story and the space you occupy in your world.

I’ve seen firsthand that portrait photography is a powerful medium; when you book a session for yourself rather than for a partner, you are saying to the universe: “okay, I’m ready to see myself with love” and that’s when the magic begins to seep into every area of your life.

and if you’re already there, already deeply and madly in love with yourself: that’s even better. This an opportunity to dig your heels in and rise up in it. To hold the proof in your hands that you are your own soulmate and have always been so worthy of the love you lavish on yourself.

I believe that this form of photography is a natural continuation of art history. The most famed artists in history have been creatively exploring the female body for centuries and only recently has society started questioning the morals of women who want to explore, celebrate and commemorate their own most natural form. 

I believe that every single woman has a story worth telling, a story that doesn’t start or end with marriage, children, weight loss, or any other life event that validates the need for professional photos. Now is the perfect time.

Here is my promise to you as my client: When you choose to show up for yourself, I will give you everything else you need in order to really see the highest version of yourself in the final images. 


photo by Michael Bethea


"Daytona really does have some sort of magic to her. Her presence is effervescent and incredibly calming. Other than the fact that you get some kickass photos, I'd book a session just to hang out with her."

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"everything you are looking for in an experience being photographed, you will find working with Daytona. she's personable, communicative, friendly, and she will hype you up like no other. My time shooting with her was fun and comfortable and the photos that came as a result were some of my favorite of myself. I attribute this to her direction behind the camera and the relaxed setting she created."

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"She makes you completely comfortable, she’s fun, considerate, thoughtful, and she just brings out the best in you, during the shoot and in the photos. She is literally magic and doing a shoot with her will boost your confidence and gain you a few paces on the road to loving yourself and your body."

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"Daytona is one of the most genuine people I have ever come across, meeting and shooting with her was absolutely amazing. Her ability to capture people as their true selves is a rare thing to find and my favorite thing about her photography."

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"She always makes me feel 100% comfortable in my own skin- every shoot i just feel like a zen goddess. It's so important to love your body and feel comfortable with yourself, and Daytona is like a guide to help you get there. Shooting with her is one of my favorite forms of self care."

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