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If you’re looking for boudoir photos that are soft, intimate & authentic rather than sexed up, dramatic & ultra-glamorous, you’re in the right place. While boudoir photography has typically been as service to create sexy photos for a partner, I believe women deserve the opportunity to have beautiful, sensual photos for themselves.  

There is power in seeing ourselves. There is power in claiming our birthrights of empowerment, confidence & beauty. There is power in putting ourselves first, in making space to feel good, in having tangible reminders of our best & brightest selves. That’s what boudoir photography is about.

"I've never done anything like this before"


I hear this on almost every consult call. Being in front of any camera can be scary, being in front of a camera while in your underwear can be a new level of vulnerability you would have never imagined wanting. Believe me, I get it.

My goal is to provide you with as much information as I can before your session, so you show up to the studio feeling prepared, excited, a litttttle nervous, but ready to step into your power.


from past clients

"Shooting with Daytona was so empowering. She makes sure you are super comfortable and she creates a safe place to really allow you to explore your own beauty and self. And she captures it so well! She is fun, professional and above all, incredible talented."

"As someone who had a difficult time adjusting to their pregnancy body and the changes that came with it, shooting with Daytona was an eye opening experience. The setting and her warm demeanor made shooting a very comfortable and inviting experience. I was able to relax and embrace my body and I truly believe that my photos show that. Looking at them, I am able to see the beauty in my pregnancy and am glad I decided to have photographs taken of this wonderful time in my life. Daytona made me feel beautiful at a time when I had doubted that and the fact that she does this all on film is an even bigger testament to her true talent."

"Daytona is a warm and gifted photographer. I instantly felt comfortable working with her-like taking pictures with an old friend. Throughout our shoot, she kept the lines of communication open, asking questions and checking in with me. She has an amazing eye for what will translate in a photo. I trust her completely behind the camera, especially in such an intimate setting. I'm so happy with the result; these are some of my favorite photos of myself."

"It was pure magic. You made me feel like the mundane things I did were the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. I truly felt like a piece of art. my photo shoot with Daytona was a divine experience. she is so incredible. she took mundane things, like my glance out the window and turned them into a stunning portraits. she made sure I was comfortable at every moment. she was honest. if she had an idea, she would work to pose me, and if it ended up not looking the way she envisioned. she was so good at making she I knew I was a piece of art. she contorted her body in weird ways to get the perfect angle to capture my essence on film. this shoot was my gift to the woman I've become, and she made sure it was a masterpiece."

"Working with Daytona was amazing! As a fellow photographer, I had worked in my space many times and have struggled coming up with fresh vibes. Daytona came right in and quickly knew what she wanted to shoot, finding gems in my own backyard that I had never noticed before. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful: probably the bet coaching I've had during a shoot from a photographer. All around wonderful experience and I wish we still lived close because I would shoot with her all the time."

"Working with Daytona was an incredible, stress-free experience. She took care of every single detail and made me feel so comfortable. She brings this awesome energy to the photoshoot. It feels like you're hanging out with a friend that you've known forever. She strikes this cool balance between capturing you organically, and giving you the perfect amount of instruction to get you into a pose that looks effortless. I love that I see myself exactly the way that I am in these photos. Looking at them makes me feel proud of my wild hair and my uneven boobs. Booking with Daytona was exactly the act of self-love I was looking for, and then some."

"Daytona is one of the most genuine people I've ever come across, meeting and shooting with her was absolutely amazing. Her ability to capture people as their true selves is a rare thing to find and my favorite thing about her photography. I absolutely love the photos from our session together."

“From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, you made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman you had ever seen. Although I was nervous because I had never done anything close to this, I felt comfortable because of your confidence. You made one of the most vulnerable thing I have ever done the most amazing experience of my life.”⠀

“Shooting with Daytona was literally a dream. From her creative space to her relatable approach everything was a breeze. The entire experience felt more so like hanging out with one of my closet friends instead of someone i was meeting for the very first time. Definitely would do it again and again and again.”⠀

“I wish I was able to list what exactly was so refreshing about working with her, but it really is not just one thing. There’s a certain feeling that she brings to a shoot. Working with Daytona makes you feel like you’re hanging out with your best girlfriend, but having someone there to capture all of those moments that you truly feel beautiful. The way you stretch, or smile, or glance over your shoulder, the beauty she sees in you will translate impeccably onto the film you receive from the session. ⠀

When you have those “what-do-I-do-with-my-hands” moments of self doubt, Daytona is able to shift seamlessly from comfortable conversation to concise instruction that will remind you that she is there to ensure that you are celebrating yourself.⠀

The finished prints were more than I could have asked for. The colors, the lighting, the silhouettes? I feel like a Matissian goddess— I cannot wait to work with Daytona again.”

“My body has always been a tool to me. A medium, a canvas, a castle, a home. I have used her and I have hated her and I have put her in danger over and over and over but look at her. She dances and she sings and she laughs and she has not crumbled in front of you yet. For a long long time my body was my enemy and I wanted to be somewhere else. I wanted to burst open and hide her away I didn’t want to be seen I didn’t want to be stared at with a watering mouth. I cut off my hair and wore baggy clothes and forgot to brush my teeth and my hair and my nails were dirty with greed and shame and guilt. I neglected her. I didn’t want to kill myself so I was slowly hacking away at her. Cutting off limbs replacing them with those I loved and lost because their arm is not my arm they can’t love me if they can’t reach out and touch me. ⠀
Thank you, Daytona, for seeing me inside of my body and shining light on her. Thank you for wiping off the dust from the windows. Thank you for your magic and your energy and your love. You inspire me and..everyone you touch.”

Working with Daytona was everything I didn't know I needed!! Maternity photos had not been something I initially wanted, but after meeting Daytona, seeing her work and learning more about her experience - everything changed. While she was photographing me, I felt so taken care of, heard and beautiful! I whole-heartedly enjoyed our time together... it will be a part of my pregnancy journey I'll remember forever. Then the photos were beyond incredible!! Oh my goodness, I am so in love with them. SO so thankful I decided to get these photos done and so grateful for Daytona's talent and heart. What a gift the whole experience was!!

"Working with Daytona was a dream! She is so kind, thoughtful, direct, and magical. I will definitely have another session in the future."

Working with Daytona was an INCREDIBLE experience. She pays attention to every detail, collaborating with you before you even show up to your session so she knows exactly what you want. From the moment I arrived at the shoot, she made me feel like a queen! Any nerves I had were instantly eased with her friendliness and excitement for my session. The shoot was SO much fun! I was happy in my own skin and I left feeling empowered. The session reveal left me in awe. Daytona not only captured everything I wanted, the shoot exceeded my expectations. The whole experience gave me a new found confidence that has spilled out into all areas of my everyday life.

I have sat in front of many cameras in my life, but Daytona captured the most beautiful photo of me to date. When I saw my images, I was moved to tears. She was sent from heaven to remind me of my beauty and the complexity of my personhood. The work that she is doing in this world is necessary and healing. She gave me the gift of rediscovering authenticity, and I love her forever.

"GODDESS VIBES. I knew going in I wasn’t in the best place physically or emotionally but within just a few minutes I was so comfortable. You can literally see my confidence change one photo to the other. By the time we got to the end, I felt like I’d shimmied out of a constricting bond of body shame and embraced the fierce woman I am. The body part I dislike the most is on full display in the photo I love the most."

"Working with Daytona is a dream. Even sick as can be, she showed up for me and for our collaboration. When two artists get together, you know something beautiful will come out of it - but Daytona really is charged on another level. She made me feel safe and cozy, enchanting and holy. There is something special about two women honoring each other as the divine works of art and nature that we truly are. I went into this experience hoping to feel more at home in my body. I am an actor, artist, and poet. I spend so much of my time focusing on women empowerment and women's bodies, but felt a disconnect to my own. Seeing my photos for the first time gave me just that - a feeling of coming home. Daytona is a safe haven for the feminine, a gifted photographer, and an energetic breath of fresh air. I would recommend her to any woman for any reason. There is never a bad time to honor all the beautiful, messy, naked, glowing, scrappy parts of you. Book now, book often, stay blooming."

"I have been “overweight” most of my life. I have shied away from photos, and ducked out of candids to avoid seeing myself in pictures more times than I could count. But seeing the art Daytona has captured makes me feel like a ethereal renaissance goddess. My body has seen love, trauma, laughter, and loss. She has carried a daughter and traveled from coast to coast, but most importantly this body is MINE to love. Daytona, thank you for the girl magic you serve every session. I truly hope every women at least once in their life gets to feel the way I felt in front of your lens."

"This was my first boudoir experience and I was equally nervous and excited. As a photographer I am rarely on the other side of the camera. Daytona immediately eased my nerves and walked me through the whole process from start to finish. She made me feel so beautiful, so cherished, and so seen - a truly luxurious experience from beginning to end. Boudoir is an invaluable gift you can give yourself. I am eternal grateful for how Daytona's artistic eye and kind spirit has helped me see my own body and love it even more."

"What a beautiful experience. From the first day I spoke to Daytona and booked my session I began looking inside myself and started to remember who I am, aside from being a mother. I started taking better care of myself and putting myself first a little more often. By the day of the shoot I felt totally relaxed knowing that a stylist would be there for me, and that Daytona would guide me since I usually feel very awkward in front of a camera. The studio is lovely and the session itself was so peaceful!
The fact that Daytona shoots on film shows that she is truly talented. She is fully present during the shoot, really seeing what a beautiful image could be and snapping it at just the right moment. She asked me what I wanted to get out of the shoot and more than delivered. She got the shots I specifically asked for plus more I couldn’t have even imagined! I know that each of my images were well thought out, shot intentionally and a result of Daytona’s vision. I love the creamy colors, the natural grain, and the perfect imperfections of some of my photos that make them even more special. After I saw them for the first time I felt such a sense of serenity that she captured these fleeting moments in time for me, knowing that my children and I will have them to cherish forever, to hold in our hands and to keep in the portrait box that could still be around long after I’m gone. I hope that anyone who is on the fence about booking a session with Daytona will realize how valuable it is and give themselves this priceless gift!"

"Not only is Daytona an incredible photographer, but she is also a beautiful human being inside and out! She really did an amazing job and her vision and attention to detail was spot on. I will definitely recommend her to all of my friends!"

"Shooting with Daytona was a very special experience that I'll always be be grateful for. She truly has a unique ability to make you feel instantly comfortable, no matter how uncomfortable you feel being photographed. Like most people, I started to regret scheduling a session right before the shoot -- out of anxiety and nerves-- but Daytona made it one of the most enjoyable and empowering experiences. She truly went above and beyond every expectation. She's extremely professional, kind and caring. You'll leave feeling like you have a forever friend. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to celebrate their body."

"Working with Daytona was one of the best things I have done for myself recently. This is a time of my life that I am so excited to be able to have this physical reminder of how much I value myself. During the session she is such a ball of energy and makes you feel so safe during this super vulnerable experience. The amount of respect she has for you really allows you to embrace the whole experience. I wouldn't have wanted to have this experience with anyone else. And seeing my pictures for the first time... it's everything that I dreamed of."

"I felt great after my photo session and I was super excited to see my photos at the reveal. When I got to see the photos, I got a bit emotional, why, well because Daytona captured not only my physical scars but she also captured my legs that have carried me and held me up through so much in my life, my arms that cradled and held my babies, my daughters, my physical presence as a women. It’s all so surreal and beautiful.
My confidence in myself is stronger than ever. I don’t have to be ashamed of my body - I’ve worked so hard up to this point to eat healthy and exercise as much as I can. I encourage other women, older women like me, to venture out of their comfort zone and find their photographer to capture their light and essence."

"My expectations were greatly exceeded. I went in expecting a maternity boudoir session, and the reality was that the session was extremely therapeutic and resulted in images I didn’t think were possible. All I expected out of this was a few photos of myself that looked great, but in return I was given artwork that truly captured beauty in myself that I didn’t know about."

"Way less stressful than I imagined. Never felt self conscious once during our session. Just felt like a couple gals hanging out and being goofy. The pictures are so elegant, I’ve never been captured in such a feminine graceful way."

"The whole process was amazing. I felt supported from the first call to the day of the photo shoot.
The day of once I walked into the studio any nerves I had disappeared. Daytona made me feel at easy and just uplifted. Instead of feeling nervous I felt confident. She is so great at recognizing your vision for the photo shoot. She gives you natural instruction and made it so there was no pressure. I felt on cloud nine the whole photo shoot. It was like I was seeing myself in an entirely different light.
Upon seeing the images I felt so happy. Daytona does such a good job of capturing your natural beauty and making you see yourself in an entirely different light. I can’t stop looking at the pictures now they are everything I dreamed they would be and more. This was the best self love present and I can’t wait to take pictures with her again. The whole experience was perfect."

Shooting with Daytona is a dream! Such a true, genuine artist with a full service experience. The session was so fun and so thought out—customized from start to finish with me and my aesthetic in mind! From start to finish, this experience exceeded my expectations! I felt beautiful on the day of the shoot, but that feeling truly intensified when I saw the elegance and simple aesthetic of the session in print—I felt stunning. This session made me really appreciate the effortless beauty in a space and in myself. I think that is what came through the strongest in every photo— during the session, I remember thinking I hope I’m doing this right, I hope Im not trying too hard— but when I saw the prints, i couldn’t see that on my face. I looked comfortable and Effortless and like I belonged alongside every piece of furniture in that room as if it were my own.

It's so hard to put into words the experience I had with Daytona other than it was one of the absolute best things I have ever done. She is the most professional, understanding, thoughtful photographer and person you'll ever met. Working with her was seamless and I love how she focuses on all the small details so you don't have to. I had no idea how I wanted my shoot to go or how I wanted my photos to look but she took the few things I said and made my vision and more. It just felt like taking pictures in front of your best friend hyping you up.

Daytona is such a genius at what she does and truly helped me capture exactly what I wanted of myself. I’m never super confident in front of the camera, especially so exposed but I instantly was comfortable and felt absolutely beautiful during the entire session. She was extremely open to what my vision was but also threw in so many ideas that ended up being so magical

"I’ve done all sorts of boudoir but I wanted a change from the usual so I booked with her. From the start she was so kind, caring, and easy to talk to and be comfortable with. I’m so happy I invested in this session and have these amazing pictures to look back on!"

"This was out of my typical comfort zone. I’ve struggled with body image for years, and wanted to try to see myself the way others do.. and even more intimately in this case. The initial phone consult with Daytona had me sold and I had so much fun choosing outfits and making my mood board. The day of I was nervous but that quickly subsided and the shoot was SO much fun. I can be pretty goofy and Daytona was able to incorporate that into the session- some candid more serious shots, but she also knew just went to snap to get me laughing in my element.
Fast forward a few weeks to the reveal- my jaw was on the floor the entire time. It’s more than I ever could’ve imagined or expected. I can’t believe these images are ME!
It may seem crazy or far fetched for some- but this was so worth it to me. To think that one day I’ll have these images to look back on, me at 32. That’s special. Thank you for what you do, Daytona. You are truly gifted."

"From the moment I first spoke to Daytona during our initial consult, I felt as comfortable with her as if I had known her for years of my life. Daytona worked with my very limited timeline to schedule me in and expedited it without leaving out a single piece of her carefully-crafted process to create the perfect shoot. The day of was incredible from actual start to finish- her running out to meet me at my car to help me carry in my bags to walking me out with a huge, genuine hug at the end. I have things about my body that I do not like, but the second I changed into my first outfit and stepped in front of the camera with Daytona behind it showering me in positivity, I completely forgot that I had any insecurities whatsoever. Daytona has a presence that makes you feel like you are the only person in the world and that every move you make is noteworthy and stunning. I truly felt like I was a top model and had so much fun doing it. Daytona has a talent of finding every morsel of beauty in your physical and mental being and drawing it out of you throughout the shoot, which in itself is remarkable. But then she captures these moments with film and reveals you to yourself in a spectacular way that I don't feel anyone else could. This was truly a life-altering experience, and I would enthusiastically recommend that EVERYONE book with Daytona for a day of humbling, strengthening and empowering that continues with you far past the photo shoot."

"What I wanted from the session was to see some real, raw, authentic snapshots of me. The session felt relaxed, warm, and comfortable from start to finish. The images capture all of these feelings exactly - in a soft, feminine, and powerful way. My photos absolutely exceeded my expectations."





20 minute consult call with the ability to self-book immediately after

Comprehensive preparation guide

Pre-session questionnaire

Moodboard & Creative Planning Guidance




Professional Hair & Makeup

90 minute session time

3 outfit changes & styling guidance

expert posing guidance




In person gallery reveal and ordering appointment

Minimum 30 professionally retouched images for viewing

Menu of heirloom quality products

images are purchased separately and are not included in the session fee

Fill out this Form

& I'll be in touch so soon!




I don't think we ever "arrive" at self love. It's a continual learning and undoing & adapting and becoming, and it's a lifelong process. However, a boudoir session is not therapy, my camera and I are a powerful team, but not powerful enough to replace "the work."

Book your session when you are ready to see yourself with more love than before. Book when you're ready to surprise yourself & show up in your power, when you've started the radical work of loving yourself, and are ready to get deeper into it.



I need two things from you before your session: a moodboard & your pre-session questionnaire. These are such fun parts of the process & really give me an idea of what sort of images you'd love to see at your gallery reveal: are we looking for photos with movement or more classic portraits? What words do you want your photos to embody? What are your favorite parts of yourself?

All of this information greatly assists me in creating something beautiful for you & fulfilling for me.



When you show up to your session, I need you to not only trust me to pose you down to your fingertips, but to trust yourself too. You got this, I got you.

A boudoir session is the perfect excuse to be truly pampered. I work with a stylist who creates a natural, effortless look- focusing on adding some glow, some bouncy, bedhead waves and bringing attention to your favorite features. Never heavy or fake, this part of the process is to simply polish up your natural look and give you some time to relax before getting in front of the camera.

a moment for you

hair & makeup

I work out of a gorgeous 1 bedroom apartment turned dreamy photo studio in in one of Norfolks most beautiful, neighborhoods. The studio is in a converted colonial home- full of vintage charm. The space does not share any walls, has a semi-private entrance & is on the second floor- ensuring our time together is totally private. The light is gorgeous rain or shine and I specifically designed the space to be minimal & truly classic- allowing YOU to be the center of your photos rather than an overly styled set.

holding space for you

the studio

I believe in going beyond digital galleries. Every photo you purchase from me its delivered as a physical copy. I offer heirloom portrait boxes, fine art albums & wall art.

creating heirlooms

product selection

Hello, I'm
Daytona Lamade


The professional:

I’ve been photographing people for 10 years and I can confidently say I can make *anyone* feel comfortable in front of my camera. I will pose right alongside you so you just have to mirror what I’m showing you. You will never have to be unsure of what to do while I’m photographing you. I believe in the bottom of my heart that seeing beautiful photos of ourselves is life changing. And confident women are world changing. All of my work is shot on film.      

The personal:

I’m a dog mom to two sweet little baby angels. Malcolm is a golden retriever and Gus is a ???? (We think Rottweiler Corgi mix.) I drink my coffee black, iced, and as strong as possible. All year round. I could eat my weight in pizza and thai food. 85% of my belongings are secondhand. I loveee thrifting and am damn good at it. I’m a major introvert. While I love people, I get my energy from lots of alone time. Drink of choice: spicy Bloody Mary

Frequently Asked Questions



I don't like ___________ about myself. Will this ruin the photos? Will you photoshop my images to get rid of it?

If there's something about your appearance that you don't love (we all have something), let's talk about it. A session with me is a safe space from any and all judgement, including judgement about not loving every single thing about your body. While I don't photoshop bodies, I can absolutely adjust the way I photograph and pose you to focus on what you DO love about yourself, while drawing less attention to the parts that you've told me you are self conscious about.

My portraits are retouched to remove blemishes and soften skin, but unless specifically requested, I won't retouch away permanent about you: freckles, scars, tattoos, etc.


I'm not photogenic or confident in front of the camera. Should I still book?

Yes! Most of the women you see in my work are everyday, albeit absolutely gorgeous, women. It's my job to get you feeling comfortable in front of the camera, and that's a process I've gotten really good at. Any professional photographer will tell you there's no such thing as being un-photogenic, there are just bad poses, bad lighting, unflattering angles and.... bad photographers who won't put you at ease in such a vulnerable place.

A shoot with me is incredibly lighthearted, and EASY, despite being incredibly luxurious. I'll be giving you tons of direction, showing you how to pose, and cheering you on the whole time. Every one of my testimonials mentions that I made them feel at ease in front of the camera, which is something I'm incredibly proud of.

P.S. It took me 23 years to finally become comfortable in front of the camera.


Should I wait until I ______ (lose 10 lbs, get engaged, land my dream job, etc)?

A session with me is an amazing way to celebrate big accomplishments, life events or physical transformations, but I've found that as women, we block ourselves from what we really want by convincing ourselves we need to accomplish something to deserve it.

There is something just as powerful about booking a session \\\"just because.\\\" No one has made it this far without a story worth telling, and there is something incredible about recognizing that exactly where you are, who you are and what you're becoming is worth celebrating. And you can always come back for round 2 after that big accomplishment on the horizon.


What do I wear? How should I do my hair and makeup?

When you book, I send over a prep-guide that gives comprehensive wardrobe guidance. If you need help or a second opinion, I'm always available to give my two cents, brand recommendations or just to hype you up! Ultimately, you are in complete control of what you want to wear and how much skin you're comfortable showing.

I include professional hair and makeup with every session! If you don't like the way it looks PLEASE let us know before we start shooting. We are both committed to making sure you feel like the best version of yourself, and want you to begin and end your session feeling thrilled with the way you look.


Where will we shoot?

I share a beautiful studio space in Virginia Beach but can go wherever you'd like. I love in-home sessions and outdoor sessions!


Can I bring a friend? A bunch of girlfriends?

Absolutely! If you know your friend will be 100% supportive of you and will allow you to feel completely at ease, she's absolutely welcome. I ask that "moral support" friends be limited to one, BUT would love to photograph you and a bunch of girlfriends for the most fun girls day/bachelorette party ever.


How far in advance should I book?

Plan for up to 8 weeks between your session & getting your images! I am currently accepting bookings for 2021- if you need were hoping to shoot sooner than that, please let me know & I'll see if we can squeeze ya in!


How many photos will I be shown?

I show a minimum of 30 photos at your reveal.


Will my photos be shared on social media?

You get to decide which (if any) images you are comfortable with me sharing. It is totally okay if you'd like to keep them ALL private.


How much does this cost?

My session fee is $199 and includes everything except the images. Images are purchased separately at your reveal- there is no order minimum so how much you spend is entirely up to you!

This will be one of the best decisions you make all year.

& I can't wait to photograph you!