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Meet Daytona

I can recognize my bias in saying this, but if there’s one thing to NOT pinch pennies over, it’s a boudoir session. If you know me, you know that nothing thrills me quite like a good sale or a lucky thrift find. If I don’t have to pay full price, why would I? If there’s a cheaper alternative with comparable quality, I’m all about it. But if I’m stripping down to my underwear in front of a camera, I am absolutely willing to shell out the money to make sure the experience is done right.

What does “done right?” mean? Simply, it means that you’re working with someone who knows what they’re doing, not just someone who got a camera for Christmas and is treating your most vulnerable moments as a side hustle for quick cash.

If you’re ready to really do the damn thing, look for a photographer who has the portfolio, testimonials & professionalism to support an investment-level price tag, who can photograph women of any size & shape and who brings an undeniable visual signature to each of their sessions.

I know (from experience) how awful it is show up to a session unprepared, and then to be in your undies, with a camera in your face when the photographer asks you to “Just act natural!” No one photographs well when they’re nervous & stiff, and a $50 photographer likely doesn’t know how to gently direct you into the best poses & angles. The worst case scenario of prioritizing cost efficacy over experience is images that leave you feeling worse about your body than when you booked.

So now you know what to AVOID when searching for your kindred spirit boudoir photographer- but let’s talk about the magic of investing in yourself via a boudoir session.

If you’ve got a significant amount of money on the table for beautiful photos of yourself, your photos are better. I know there’s not a scientific explanation for this, but I believe that when you’re really allowing yourself to go all out, you take the time to prepare fully, knowing that you HAVE to show up for yourself (both physically arriving at the studio and being mentally engaged on the day of your session).

Simply put: when your money is invested, so are you.

And when you choose to invest in transformation and beauty and an entire day completely dedicated to you feeling good, your life starts to shift in line with more of that beautiful, transformative pleasure. I’ve watched clients leave their boudoir sessions and go on to walk through their own personal renaissance, not because of anything I did, but because they made the decision to really show up for themselves and to back that decision with the energy of their money.

The more obvious magic to a professional boudoir session is that the experience reflects the investment. When you work with me you are getting a 90 minute session in front of my camera and beautiful images, but also

  • Access to me for any support you may need leading up to your session. You can always email me any questions, concerns or ideas you have.
  • A comprehensive prep guide to walk you through the months leading up to your session
  • A collaborative creative process to plan your session so it’s tailored specifically to your desires, style & vision for your images
  • Professional hair & makeup on the day of your session. The peace of not having to wake up at sunrise to curl your own hair or worry if makeup will translate on camera is priceless.
  • A private 2200 sq ft studio to shoot in- no shared spaces with strict timelines, or strangers popping in & out of the space.
  • Images taken with professional grade cameras & lenses, ensuring a consistent quality no matter the lighting or weather outside
  • A photographer with over 10 years experience behind the camera. Believe me when I say I can make ANYONE feel comfortable in front of the camera, and will be posing you from your fingertips to your facial expression. You won’t have to make up any poses or ideas for us
  • The support of my studio manager, who will be grabbing outfits, beverages, fixing hair, moving furniture, etc so I can stay more present in the work we’re creating
  • A menu of heirloom quality products so you can physically hold your images and allow them to be a placeholder of this time in your life for generations to come. No need to research labs or worry about printing specs- I’ve got it all taken care of.

The way that most clients are able to afford a boudoir session is by taking advantage of our in-house payment plans. Payment plans are incredibly flexible and allow you to choose the frequency & the amount of the payments you’d like to make towards the purchase of your images without interest or credit checks. I truly believe every woman should do this at least once in her lifetime, and a payment plan is the easiest way to make it happen for almost any budget. If you can budget $250 a month towards a session, you can afford to work with me!

If you’re interested in booking your own boudoir session, you can read more about the experience here & send an inquiry here