5 Non-Lingerie Boudoir looks

I will scream it from the mountaintops: Lingerie is not required for your boudoir session! If lingerie is your thing, absolutely treat yourself to something nice & fancy that makes you feel good. BUT if lingerie is not your thing, that’s totally okay too. Some of my favorite looks to shoot are all things that are likely available in your closet already.

  1. Jeans + Topless

Look one is the classic, calvin-klein ad from the 90’s vibe. Jeans + Topless. It’s sexy & cool and has a sexy, unbothered feel, especially on a clean, white backdrop.

2.Jacket + Panties

Going topless with panties & a statement jacket is a LOOK. You can opt for a fur (we have several available at the studio), something fringed, floor length, leather or denim. Options are limitless here and the layered effect is so effortless and chic.

3. Draped Fabric

You can choose a white sheet for a classic look or something with a pattern or texture for more of a styled feel. I personally love silk, chiffon, cheesecloth or found-textiles like this thrifted curtain pictured above. What’s wonderful about this option is that we can really allow the fabric to drape and sculpt you to show off all of your favorite features.

3. Statement top

Daywear actually translates beautifully in a boudoir session, so long as there’s a component of visual interest, like sheerness or ruffles. A blouse that has a lot of presence paired with panties (or nothing!) gives an undone, editorial effect to your images. I also love this concept with a soft, vintage t-shirt.

4. Nude

My favorite look of all! Incorporating a nude or implied nude look in your session is THE easiest wardrobe option of all and is universally flattering, costs nothing and just so powerful.

5. Flowers

Such a cute way to add some coverage, flowers & plants actually make an incredible “outfit” choice! I recommend popping into trader joes and picking fluffy, neutral stems that can fan across your torso, making it look like you bloomed out of the bouquet too.

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