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Meet Daytona

I recently shared an INCREDIBLE, out of the ordinary session (with a real client, not a model) that’s gotten amazing feedback. I’ll be honest with you- no session is “boring”- I really do love what I do and each of my clients brings some one of a kind magical energy to their time at the studio. I take the promise of every session being “tailor-made” very seriously! I’ll be crafting a vision around any and all inspiration you bring to the table. But if you really want to receive a gallery of images that feel more like a magazine feature than a boudoir session there’s some specific steps to take in the planning process.

  1. Source the right inspiration

Each of my clients creates a moodboard for their session which I use as a creative blue print for planning each shoot. If you search “boudoir photography” on pinterest, you’ll get a lot of the same poses, outfits, lighting, etc. I encourage you to think outside the box & look at high fashion, fine art, texture, interior design, color, travel, light etc that inspires you. TBH, the less “boudoir photography” on your board the better! I also encourage you to source inspiration that I didn’t make! Honestly, my process is so informed by the natural energy of my clients, that it’s hard to translate the vision from one of my sessions to another. If I can get a feel for the overall mood you’re looking for, that’s way easier to create from than poses or outfits you like.

2. Think outside the lingerie box

While I will never be disappointed with a black bodysuit or matching lace set, they’re the safe, standard options! The number one priority is for you to feel good about the way you look in your outfits, and lingerie is NOT a requirement for boudoir. We’ve got a rack full of statement pieces to bring some visual interest into your wardrobe choices, but it’s even more fun when you bring something you’ve sourced on your own! I looooove photographing anything furry, feathery, ruffled, sheer, silky, sparkly or fringed. Etsy is one of my favorite places to search for something unexpected to photograph!

3. Bring your ideas + communicate

Say you find an image on pinterest that just LIGHTS you up, and gets your mind spinning around a concept we could try. Shoot me an email! There may be some extra prep we need to do to make it happen, and I’d hate to miss out on a really cool idea just because we didn’t have enough time to plan.

4. Trust me

If you follow the first three steps & bring some interesting, inspiring ideas to the table… you’re going to get the chance to see me drop into a true creative zone, which can be a bit…. chaotic. There may be things I ask you to do that feel a bit strange or unnatural, but I’m just going where the creative energy leads, and the result is almost always worth the bit of awkwardness you may feel.

Daytona Lamade Boudoir is a Boudoir photography studio based in Norfolk, Virginia & serving Virginia Beach, Richmond, Hampton Roads, Charlottesville and Northern Virginia. Ready to book your own boudoir session? Click here to start the process!