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Meet Daytona

I’ve long said: The reason boudoir is so powerful is because it is so vulnerable. It’s the beauty of it! When we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, magical things start to happen and a boudoir session is a safe space to explore and expand. However, many clients book with logistical concerns of privacy: whether it’s personal preference, a conversation between you & your partner or a matter of keeping your job, there are so many reasons to want to keep your boudoir images private. We’ve created several systems and policies in our studio to ensure that your comfort is prioritized both during and after the session, and that obviously extends to sharing permissions.

  1. The conversation begins before your session. On your pre-session questionnaire we’ll ask if you are comfortable with us filming & sharing behind the scenes content. I always like to verify on the day of as well, in case anything has changed. Most of the BTS content you see on our marketing channels comes from sessions we book specifically for marketing reasons with a full model release in place prior to the shoot.
  2. Images are not shared without your written permission. After your session, you will receive a post-session questionnaire and there will be a space for you to decide if you want to share your images! We don’t share anything without a signed model release.
  3. You can decide to share some but not all of your images. On that same questionnaire, you can clarify what kinds of images you’re okay with us sharing. Some clients are comfortable sharing only fully clothed/covered images, some clients are okay with only anonymous images being shared. There is room for nuance in situations like these and we want you to feel empowered to make these decisions in whatever way feels best.
  4. Your gallery is password protected. If you choose to purchase your digital images, your online gallery will be password protected and ONLY people who have a link will be able to access it.
  5. Identifying information is never shared. We don’t tag or name any of our clients, regardless of sharing permissions. The most we ever use is the initial of your first name!