Maternity Photos: Five Reasons to Consider a Boudoir Session

I’ll be the first to call my bias here, but Boudoir truly is the superior iteration of maternity photography. While I LOVE any and all photographs of a perfect baby bump & a soon to be mama in all of her glowing glory, boudoir really does get the job done better.

Five reasons to consider a boudoir session for your maternity photos:

  1. It’s a moment to feel really, really good. By the time you’ve hit your 30th week of pregnancy, you’re freaking over it. It’s been 7 months of your body being a hormonal hotel, and you’re likely feeling a bit… exhausted, disconnected and not particularly sexy. There’s never been a better time or excuse to take a moment dedicated to feeling really good in your own skin and to PAMPER YOURSELF. The power of an afternoon dedicated totally to yourself is so palpable in the last weeks of pregnancy, and the full experience of a boudoir session leans into that spirit of self care. From hair & makeup to beautiful outfits to a team of women cheering you on, it will be just the refresh you needed to power through the home stretch of pregnancy.
  2. It’s a way to celebrate your body, as it’s doing something AMAZING. Boudoir is so celebratory of our bodies, and stripping down for your maternity photos matches the power of the process at hand. Flitting around in a flowy maxi dress in a field just doesn’t really pay homage to the raw beauty of a mother.
  3. It’s more true to life. There’s a lot of prep & planning that goes into a boudoir session, but the heart of the session is always you & your energy. While it’s cute to hold a sign in a park and giggle at the camera, it’s not realistic. Lounging around in your undies, softly holding your belly? That’s going to remind you of the real thing, baby.
  4. There are less factors to worry about when you’re working on a time crunch. While I don’t recommend planning your session beyond 36 weeks, the last few months of pregnancy are fillllled with tasks, appointments, to-do’s and trying to get a good nights sleep while it’s still available to you. When you book a boudoir session, you’re booking a controlled, consistent environment: we’ll never need to reschedule on account of the weather, which is crucial when you’ll only have a bump for so much longer
  5. You can still have it all. I know a lot of people opt for a traditional, lifestyle session because they want their partner- or the whole family involved. While I don’t offer couple’s boudoir, I do allow partners & children to come in for the last 30 minutes of your maternity session to get some cute, cuddly candid photos!

If you’re interested in booking a session for your maternity photos, I recommend scheduling it to take place between 30 & 36 weeks! Fill out the contact form here to get started!

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