November 27, 2019

25 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session


it’s not a secret that a boudoir session is a luxury: you may be interested in booking your own, but feel like there’s not a good enough reason to make the leap and invest in portraits that will make you feel like a goddess. There is always a reason, and I firmly believe that these sessions don’t need to be partner-centered (but can be!!).

  1. just because, dammit
  2. to celebrate your body
  3. to make peace with your body
  4. you’re getting married
  5. you’re getting divorced
  6. an anniversary
  7. it’s your birthday
  8. you got a promotion
  9. your body has changed in the last year
  10. you graduated college
  11. you’re a photographer and want to experience what it’s like on the other side of the camera
  12. you’re pregnant
  13. you’re a mom and you’re ready to reclaim your body
  14. to invite love into the new year
  15. to show off fun new lingerie
  16. to get the ANTM experience {without the drama}
  17. to have the perfect girls day out with a friend
  18. you’re feeling like your best self lately
  19. you’re not feeling like your best self lately
  20. be a part of creativity and magic
  21. you were going through hard shit and you survived
  22. because you deserve to be pampered
  23. it’s the most fun way to spend your tax return
  24. you’ve moved into a magical new space
  25. for the glass of complimentary Prosecco