I've been behind the camera for somewhere between 11 and 4 years (more on that below). I can confidently say I can make *anyone* feel comfortable in front of my camera during a boudoir photoshoot. I believe in the bottom of my heart that seeing beautiful photos of ourselves is life changing. And confident women are world changing. If you've spent more than 2 minutes on any of my internet profiles, you probably could have guessed that though.

The more fun/real/personal stuff (which is what I'm always snooping for on about pages) is that I'm a dog mom. I've got two sweet angel boys, Malcom & Gus. They are the lights of my life & I truly believe that they are the cutest dogs to ever walk the planet.

I like my coffee black & iced (cold-brew to be specific), I put up Christmas decorations on November 1st & love all things glittery & animal print. I'm obsessed with looking at houses on Zillow. If I wasn't a boudoir photographer, I'd probably be doing some sort of interior design, because making houses pretty is my therapy. 

On the weekends, you'll find me at an estate sale, flea market or thrift store. In the summers I'll be ass up on the beach. I've  also got an ongoing love affair with New York and my favorite way to treat myself is with a bougie solo trip to the city.  

In my past lives I was probably
-An Italian grandmother because a bish loves her Arrabiata & Nebbiolo & feeding people.
-A mob-boss wife. Animal print is a neutral & I'd love if you asked me about my coat collection. 
- A fairy.

I'm a Gemini sun, Cancer moon, Scorpio rising. I'm an enneagram 8, and an ISFP.  I feel sexiest when I'm tan & blonde & freckled in the summer, when I'm walking through the streets of a new city or when I'm eating wings with Acrylics. 

behind the lens of boudoir photographer

your cheer squad on duty

Takes the photos, writes the lists, has the vision, chaotic in a fun/high-achieving way.

Drink of Choice: Italian red wine 

HBIC, Gemini, Thrift Queen


Oversees day to day operations, will douse you with lavender if you seem even remotely stressed, makes the sailing smooth. 

Drink of Choice: weed

Studio Manager, Scorpio, Essential oil Empress


Meet the Photography Team

For the majority of my life, I've had a camera in my hand. One of my first memories of creativity was a fairy-photoshoot in my best friend's back yard at the age of 8. As a freshman in high school, a DSLR was on my Christmas list. Within a year of unwrapping my Canon Rebel, my Dad dropped me off at a church to shoot my first wedding.

For years, it was a whirlwind of shooting everything from senior portraits to military homecomings, to family photos. My favorite part was always the messages from women in front of my camera, moms and brides and high school seniors, all giddy with proof that they truly were beautiful.

This continued on until I found myself trying to juggle being a full time college student, a full time retail employee, and a hot mess 20 year old that just wanted to have fun, all while running a business on the weekends. I was depleted; my cameras were either sold or shelved for almost 3 years.
In the spring of 2018, I was living in Portland, Oregon, in the throes of intersectional depression: where the ongoing post-college crisis met the heavy gray skies of the PNW. I knew in my gut that I needed to be creating ANYTHING to keep my head above water, and so I picked up my 35mm film camera and returned home to my first love.

Phase one of Daytona Lamade photography gave me clarity of what I wanted phase two to look like: solely focused on seeing, celebrating & empowering women, while shifting the narratives on nudity, femininity & sensuality.

Photographing models on Oregon mountaintops turned into moving home to Virginia & photographing old friends in a spare bedroom in my apartment, which turned into this: a bonafide career built on photographing women and creating tangible proof of their blessed beauty. 

It's a goddamn dream & gratitude it hits me like a wave every day.