April 23, 2019

Best Lingerie Brands-2019 Lingerie Edit

Personal Portraits

It’s been my most asked question since day 1 of shooting:

What do I wear to my boudoir session?

as your photographer, I want you to show up with outfit options that make you feel like your coolest, prettiest self without compromising honesty. We want your portraits to be authentic, but in a way that ascends our most common and comfortable daily uniform of sweatpants and dry shampoo. & I firmly believe that if you’re investing in photos of yourself, it’s the perfect excuse to buy yourself something lovely that makes you so excited to get in front of the camera.

Lingerie has some sort of magic to it, no? It’s hedonistic, unapologetic, and has a way of making us feel sexier and stand taller. I try not to give inanimate objects a lot of power over my life, but lingerie can be truly empowering. When I got my own portraits taken last month, I pranced around my apartment for an hour beforehand, feeling like a goddess gracing the earth in my little black set.

And in that spirit, I’ve put together a lingerie edit with beautiful intimates brands to consider before your session. For convenience’s sake, I’ve included a quick guide to check where each brand falls in terms of investment, whether they are size inclusive, and if they make efforts to use sustainable practices. The brands range from ultra sexy to soft and simple and I hand selected each of them with love. Since I would be over the moon to photograph you in any of them, I also included a section on how to choose outfits specifically for your portrait session.😘

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