September 3, 2019

Boudoir Photography- Heirloom Print Collections

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So much of our lives are tied up in and at the mercy of our phones and it’s been time to reclaim the idea that our memories and our legacy can and should be more tangible than an instagram grid or facebook memory.

If you’ve been following along for the last 11 months of my photography journey, you know that I’m officially an evangelical convert to the church of “print those damn photos”. Rather than delivering an online gallery to their inbox after our session, each of my clients now has the opportunity to curate an heirloom collection of fine art prints from our session.

I think about late nights I spent holed up in the guest bedroom at my grandma’s house sifting through hundreds and hundreds of photos of my mom and her sisters, before they were mothers and wives and aunts. I’d fixate on photos of my grandmother’s unmatched beauty in her twenties. I would sit for hours, enamored by the stark reminders that the women I looked up to were women first, before they played a million different roles to everyone around them. And I want my clients to have these soft, visceral legacies tucked away in their homes decades from now, serving as a reminder that, come what may, they are a woman first: a strong, fully formed, deeply individual, and beautiful woman.

So we shoot, I send your film off to my wonderful lab to be scanned and sent back to me, I make small edits for consistency, (and send a few sneak peeks while I edit because I know there are endless nerves when you’re waiting to see your photos).

Then I have every finished photo (around 40) printed on beautiful, fine art paper, package your gallery up in an heirloom box of your choosing.

You’ll have your choice of a classic glass box (available in antique gold or silver) or an iconic velvet box (available in blush, gray or black).

turn your sound on for this movie. you can hear how thick & luxurious that paper is. 😍

Approximately 3-4 weeks after your session, we will meet up for you to see your photos for the first time. You’ll get to take them all in, and give yourself a moment to bask in your own beauty and power and we’ll go through each of your images to select which photos you’d like to keep.

This is my favorite hour of our time together. Watching my clients come to life as they sift through tangible proof of their immeasurable beauty will never get old.

This experience comes with every single session and I’d love to work with you to create portraits worthy of your legacy. Fill out my contact form so we can start dreaming about what this would look like.