May 6, 2019

Boudoir Session Locations- Creative alternatives to a studio

For Photographers In-Home Outdoor Portraits

Let’s talk about boudoir session locations! A lot of boudoir photographers opt to use a studio for sessions. Studios can provide consistency between sessions and privacy for your client’s comfort. However, sometimes a studio isn’t accessible, doesn’t fit the vibe you or your client envisioned or can create a stagnancy in your work- if you shoot in the same space every day, it’s easy to start creating the same photos over and over again. Re-thinking boudoir session locations can foster creativity and allow you to create genuinely interesting content for your brand. Whatever the reason, it will serve you and your clients to keep some creative location ideas in your back pocket for your next boudoir session.

Boudoir Photographer- B&W portrait in a minimal vintage apartment setting

1. In-home

this is my favorite space to shoot because it fosters a deeper sense of comfort in your subject, creates an effortless vulnerability and generally feels a lot more personal and honest. Before agreeing on their home as a boudoir session location, I ask my clients to send me photos at the time of day we plan to shoot so I can anticipate the light I’ll be working with. As long as the decor is thoughtful and photogenic, there is enough natural light and we have privacy while shooting, I’ve always loved how in-home portraits turn out.

view a full in home session

2. The great outdoors

For the more adventurous souls you may photograph, take a scenic route and stop wherever inspiration strikes (like this riverbed on the side of the road.) This is where being intuitive with your client is crucial- if they’re brimming with confidence, or have shot with you before, or are a true free spirit, shooting in nature may be a dream come true.

3. A backyard.

Bridge #1 & #2 for those clients who want to be outdoors without sacrificing privacy! With a creative eye and some thoughtful planning, there is a way to make any backyard look effortless & organic. With some soft & feminine lingerie, beautiful blankets on the grass, a glass of rosé, some fresh fruit and flowers, you’ve got yourself a beautiful, intimate scene.

4. The Bathtub

Few things are more romantic and self indulgent than a beautiful bubble bath. Milk baths, flower baths and colorful bath bomb water were all boudoir session trends in recent years, but sometimes the simplicity of white porcelain, fluffy bubbles and luxurious towels is just enough to create a feminine tranquility for some stunning portraits.

my go-to bath product for these shoots

5. basically, anywhere!

Truly, options for boudoir session locations are limitless. I would have never thought to shoot in a greenhouse, but I am forever in love with the garden of eden vibes that came from this session. I’ve shot on top of mountains, in hardware stores, everywhere from tiny Brooklyn bedrooms, to mountain-top hot springs. You’re a creative, so don’t be afraid to be creative!

Daytona Lamade is a Virginia based boudoir photographer who specializes in women’s portraits on 35mm film. Her process focuses on the energy a woman brings to a room, the space she holds in the world and the collective experience of womanhood.