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Taking your clothes off in front of a camera is *incredibly* vulnerable so we’re pulling back the curtain on what to expect when you book a boudoir session

It’s important for you to feel prepared on the day of your session so here’s A quick list of what to bring to your boudoir session!

A Compilation of plus size boudoir outfits for all my curvy ladies + my best tips for selecting your outfits to accentuate your beautiful shape!

Answering one of the most basic questions about what we do here: what even *is* a boudoir session? This blog unpacks it all! Click to read more.

I’ll be the first to call my bias here, but Boudoir truly is the superior iteration of maternity photography. While I LOVE any and all photographs of a perfect baby bump & a soon to be mama in all of her glowing glory, boudoir really does get the job done better. Five reasons to consider […]

I’ve long said: The reason boudoir is so powerful is because it is so vulnerable. It’s the beauty of it! When we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, magical things start to happen and a boudoir session is a safe space to explore and expand. However, many clients book with logistical concerns of privacy: […]

I will scream it from the mountaintops: Lingerie is not required for your boudoir session! If lingerie is your thing, absolutely treat yourself to something nice & fancy that makes you feel good. BUT if lingerie is not your thing, that’s totally okay too. Some of my favorite looks to shoot are all things that […]

I recently shared an INCREDIBLE, out of the ordinary session (with a real client, not a model) that’s gotten amazing feedback. I’ll be honest with you- no session is “boring”- I really do love what I do and each of my clients brings some one of a kind magical energy to their time at the […]

We offer an amazing array of products for your boudoir photos. These are perfect as a wedding-gift or as a reminder that self-love is the best love.

A Studio tour of our 2200 square foot vintage-style boudoir studio in Norfolk, Virginia, brimming with old-world charm of the late 19th century.