August 15, 2018

Norfolk Virginia Portraits at the Chrysler – Hannah

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Norfolk Virginia Lifestyle Portraits at the Chrysler and in a Community Garden

Sometimes shoots are soft and cozy in the little spare bedroom of my apartment. I’ll light candles and play HAIM and we’ll hang out on the floor and chat while we shoot. Sometimes we run around the city and sweat profusely and I’ll get nervous and awkward shooting in public and we end the day with a beer and a vegan barbecue sandwich. I love both scenarios, so much. Working with Hannah was the latter. I had the best freakin day with her and the photos make my heart sing. 

We started at the Chrysler museum. I think this was subliminally inspired by the Apeshit video, but I can’t be sure. the light was fickle but when it came out for more than a millisecond, it was so dreamy.

when we found this painting I was completely overwhelmed. it was so, damn, beautiful.

and then we made our way to a community garden in Norfolk where it was so damn hot and bright and beautiful. the epitome of summer. may fall never ever come. 

Hannah moves through the world with the most beautiful confidence and she literally. freakin. glows.

favorite favorite favorite

these leaves were so damn beautiful. it just worked. 

the prettiest human in the world probably!!!