September 11, 2019

Creating a Vision Board

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Vision boards have gotten extremely trendy over the last year, no? I love that we’re all stepping into our power, learning to manifest and really crafting a clear narrative of what we want from our lives.

Vision boards are incredibly personal, and I don’t think that there’s one “right” way to do yours. But, when I made my first vision board, I printed out places I wanted to vacation, my dream salary and a bottle of expensive sparkling rosé. It was a lifestyle I was visualizing and even thought I was constantly looking at it, I was just daydreaming of a better life with no actual direction to get there. Obviously, subconsciously seeing beautiful photos was an emotional/vibrational trigger, but like anything else: vision boards do not work unless you do.

So now, my vision board is also a productivity board. I have photos of my partner with our dogs (because that’s what I’m working for, obviously). I have motivational quotes, I have photos that inspire me, affirmations, etc. All of the good fluffy stuff. But my board is 85% written goals.

I have my vision board divided into 4 parts:

  1. next years goals. The big picture is important, so write down your 3 big goals for 2020. These should be big, scary, almost inconceivable.
  2. 90 day goals. It’s been said that we overestimate what we can do in a year, but underestimate what we can accomplish in 90 days. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect major shifts and up levels in your business every quarter, so these goals should feel overwhelmingly exciting, attainable but not without hard work.
  3. 30 day goals. Which of your 90 day goals will come to fruition in the next month? This is when it’s incredibly important to follow the SMART guidelines: your 30 day goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely
  4. to do & done. On one side of your board should be your monthly to-do list. Write each task on it’s own small piece of paper. I find it’s helpful to choose no more than 12 tasks at the beginning of the month and make sure you accomplish 3 a week. When they’re done, move them to the other side of the board under the “done” column

Breaking your board up in this way reverse-engineers your big dreamy future by training your mind on what step you’re able to take today to make it there.