In 2018, I started my business out of desperation. I had just moved back home, making it my second coast to coast move in less than 12 months. I was dead broke, waiting tables and stressed out of my mind every time I went to buy groceries or pay the bills. I started offering boudoir sessions out of the spare bedroom of my apartment just to make ends meet, but was actually losing money in the process.

In 2021, I scaled my business to a quarter of a million dollars shooting ONLY boudoir. My average monthly revenue is more than my yearly salary waiting tables. But more important than the money is the quality of life I've been able to create for myself. I'm talking four day work weeks, time off in the summer, European vacations & the peace of mind that comes with being debt free with money in the bank. 

As much as I love empowering the women in front of my camera, I love empowering other photographers to make big moves within their business. 

build the boudoir business of your dreams

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