May 24, 2018

Portland Oregon Outdoor Boudoir Session- Moriah

Outdoor Portraits Portraits

Greenhouse and Outdoor Boudoir Session

Moriah reached out to model for me in late march and I was admittedly kind of starstruck. She’s a Portland photographer with a portfolio that is dripping with texture, concept and feminine energy and I loved her work from the moment I saw it and I knew it would be a dream to photograph her. We spent a sunny afternoon in her backyard (and greenhouse. a long-held dream come true.) and she was so. damn. confident in front of the camera I was running around and rambling and really trying my damndest to capture it.

that’s one of the most noticeable changes I’ve seen since making the quick, all-in leap from digital to film photography is I have to slow the fuck down. when I can’t shoot 20 frames a minute, I can’t take a picture without checking my settings (hard habit to break), I can’t show my subjects photos to explain the micro-adjustments I want to make to their poses, and I can’t just click the shutter to fill the awkward silence, I have to actually focus on what I’m feeling. Sometimes I get nervous that the slowness of it all makes me look like I don’t actually know what I’m doing (which is more than half true lol), but the slowness is starting to finally feel welcome because my pictures are finally starting to look the way I want them to. It’s worth mentioning that I have Yan Palmer’s teeth kiss workshop to thank for that begrudging gratitude for slowness and recognizing LOTS OF FEELINGS behind the camera

I want to live in a greenhouse and I REALLY wish I didn’t kill every plant that passed through the doors of my home.

this is my favorite of them all! ^^^^^

so it’s worth mentioning that about ten frames into this shoot, I went to switch rolls and opened a box of film and realized I had purchased 120 instead of 35 mm because I forgot there was even difference when I was ordering stuff on amazon one night. Basically I showed up to this shoot with this wildly talented photographer without fucking film for my camera. luckily, I was able to buy some off of her BUT I inadvertently was thrust into shooting my first roll of black and white. there are some that I definitely wish were in color but I’m still in looooove with the moodiness (and learned my lesson to double check before “buy now with one click”)

birth of Venus vibes!

dappled sunlight is my favorite thing in the world