November 15, 2019

Boudoir Photos for a Partner vs for Yourself


Boudoir photography started out as something partner-centered; sexy photos to be given as a gift on a wedding day, anniversary, birthday, Christmas or Valentines day. The sentiment is what shaped boudoir photography trends into what we commonly see now: ultra sexy, lingerie and stilettos, smoky eyes and red lips. For a lot of women it’s incredibly empowering to own their sexuality in such a bold way, for a partner or for themselves, but I launched my business to open up options for women in the Hampton Roads and Richmond area to be photographed in a style that was more raw and natural. When I started marketing my work in 2018, was adamant that my photography was *not* going to pander to a man’s gaze. It took me six months to finally come around to calling myself a boudoir photographer for SEO purposes.

While I still believe in the power of booking a session for yourself, and I’ll probably never shoot traditional boudoir, I have softened on my stance of “never for a man/partner/anyone but yourself.” It could be just the natural loosening up that’s come as I’ve moved into my mid twenties, it could be because I’m passionately in love with an amazing man and I’ve experienced how empowering the right partnership can be. But more than all of that it’s probably because of testimonials like this one, from an angel who booked her bridal boudoir session with me:

“Although this is ultimately a gift for my fiancé, it’s a gift to myself and something I can look back on as a reminder of how worthy and beautiful this experience made me feel.”

You can have both. You don’t have to choose between delighting the person you love with the absolute best gift imaginable, and allowing the experience to empower and lift you up. Your partner can appreciate these photos, in all of their raw, natural, effortless sexiness, and that doesn’t underscore the fact that you fell deeply in love with yourself during the process too. A boudoir session does not lose any of it’s transformational power when it’s booked in the name of a special occasion.

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