August 13, 2019

“I’ll book a session when…”


My messages are always filled up with some iteration of “I love your work! When I _____, I’m going to book with you!”

Fill in the blank with anything, but it all says the same thing to me: “I’ll book with you when I’m worthy.”

“When my body looks like it’s worth reciprocating the love it extends to me day in & out.”

“When I feel worthy enough to invest in myself”

“When I’m the life I’m leading is worth of having portraits to commemorate my legacy.”

I can’t sell you confidence, I refuse to market my work as “therapy” or make claims that my camera will magically make you love yourself. No one on earth is powerful enough to facilitate a shift that magical except for you. but I know these things to be true:

  1. your body is worth reciprocating the love it extends to you day in & day out
  2. you are worth investing in.
  3. you are currently building a life and a legacy that is worth beautiful photos. 

Worthiness is unshakable. These truths don’t become more or less true with the way you’re feeling about yourself. If you’re feeling bloated, the truth remains that your body is still worthy of love. If you’re feeling broke, the truth remains that you are still worth investing in. Even when you’re feeling stuck and directionless, your life is still worthy of being earmarked by beautiful photos of yourself (I kick myself all the time for not having anything but selfies to remember being 20 by. I was a complete and total mess, but it was raw, transformative and crucial time).

So book when you’re ready, but these things have never been and will never be more true, you have never been and will never be more worthy of the experience.