November 14, 2019

In-Home Boudoir Session tips


It’s not a secret that I LOVE shooting in-home. Check out this in-home boudoir session and this in-home maternity session and it’s easy to see why. If we shoot in your home, you’re automatically more comfortable, and it infuses your photos with a lot more honesty and intimacy. While I have a studio space available for photos, sometimes home is the most glamorous, significant space for your boudoir session and the results are pure magic.

If you’re thinking about booking a boudoir session in your own home, here are some things to consider

  1. Natural light is a must have for a photoshoot, and it will determine what time your session starts, what rooms you shoot in and so many other details. If we’re shooting in your home, I’ll likely ask that we do a pre-consultation there in order to get a feel for how the light moves through the space, or at least ask for a ton of photos and cardinal directions of the windows.
  2. No other people (or pets) should be home. If you’d like to have a friend for moral support, I love that, but if your husband is making smoothies in the kitchen, or your dog is barking at something outside, it’s hard to get into the right headspace. I fully believe that your energy will determine the way you photograph, and if you’re stressed and distracted when we’re shooting, it can detract from our “flow” when we’re shooting, and from the final images.
  3. You’ll want to minimize background clutter, or make it look intentional. While your space doesn’t need to look like a clean, white minimalist dream, you’ll want most surfaces to be clear, or to be well styled.
  4. At the very latest, do your cleaning the day before your session so on the day of your session, you can relax. If cleaning and prepping the space is going to stress you out before or during your session, opt to shoot at a different location. We can still create a warm, lived in look elsewhere.
  5. Most importantly:Are you happy with the way your space generally looks? Are you comfortable there? Is this where you feel most empowered and comfortable and beautiful? Sometimes our spaces aren’t everything we want them to be, and that’s okay. As special as an in-home session is, there’s something very magical and luxurious about showing up to a studio for the photoshoot experience. Do whatever feels best for you and your story.

If you’re thinking of booking a boudoir session, click the button below to schedule a consultation to determine the perfect location.