September 26, 2018

Fine Art Maternity Portraits {Norfolk, Virginia}

In-Home Maternity Portraits

Fine Art Lifestyle Maternity portraits taken in my home studio in Norfolk, Virginia

It’s so crazy being at an age where there is no standard for what we’re going through. Some of my friends are married. some never plan to be. some are living abroad, some are settled into a thriving career. some are in school. some graduated but are working on something they love thats completely independent of a degree. some are thriving in the restaurant industry, some can’t wait to find the right 9-5. My FAVORITE phase for my friends to be in though- is when they’re pregnant! I don’t know that I’ll ever want kids, but it fills me to the BRIM to watch my friends start families and take on a completely new role in the world. It’s absolutely amazing. 

Adrienne carries this glowing peacefulness about her pregnancy that’s so beautiful– her positivity about the whole experience- from strangers buying her ice-cream in 711 to welcoming the positive energy from strangers who touch her bump- is so lovely. Amelia is absolutely one of the luckiest babies in the WORLD to be brought into a world of such good energy.