December 3, 2019

My Boudoir Philosophy


I finallllly purchased some boudoir-specific education last week for Black Friday. I binged Kara Marie’s course on the portraits masters in like… 3 sittings. one of the first parts of the course was getting our boudoir philosophy together, as a written mission statement. Here’s mine:

Daytona Lamade Photography exists to create images that allow women to see the physical manifestation of their highest selves by offering a full service, luxury photo experience. Everyone who works with me will get to explore what confidence, empowerment and womanhood means to them, while also getting an opportunity to love and appreciate their bodies as they are. My images will be different from a traditional boudoir approach in that won’t be overtly sexy, and while we won’t shy away from embracing sensuality, each session will explore womanhood, femininity and nudity from a holistic perspective: not just a sexual one. Each session will be specifically tailored to the person in front of the camera, using thoughtful posing, styling and environmental elements to create images that are an honest, raw depiction of their most beautiful selves.

It’s wordy but it sums up why I’m doing what I’m doing here. There are SO many incredible boudoir photographers locally and around the country, but the most common style I see is moody, sultry, sexy, lingerie and stilettos. can this be done in a classy way? yes. Is this empowering for women: absolutely. Owning my sexuality has been an incredibly important part of my adult life, but it’s also a fairly private one that I personally wouldn’t want a whole photoshoot depicting. So I want women to have the option to be photographed in a style that isn’t completely centered around their sexuality, but also doesn’t just paint them as delicate and ethereal. I want to provide an experience that allows them to see their own body but without any sexual connotation or shame. I want women to have the opportunity to be photographed in a way that is true and beautiful and an incredibly honest depiction of their best, most divine selves.