May 22, 2018

SE Portland Film Portraits- Shatoya

Lifestyle Portraits

Portrait Session at Antique Hardware Store in SE Portland OR

the inspiration for this shoot sparked when I was wine drunk at a fifth floor bar over the winter. I looked down into the windows of this weird, industrial building and checked my maps app to see what it was. a hardware store. sounded weird but I saw lots of lamps and orbs and shapes and windows and resolved to check it out whenever I was in the area next. I scoped it out one afternoon and found the perfect corner of nothing but white glass objects and windows. everything glowed and I was enamored and knew it would be a dream to photograph.

The thing was, I only had an out of focus photograph of my boyfriend mid-sentence as a way to pitch it as a location. It was admittedly a hard sell, but I’m glad Shatoya was the one to agree to it.




its like she’s surrounded by freaking clouds. the patches of light on the worn hardwood really get me.

these are my favorite two from the session. capturing light in a way that’s equal parts natural and free but also emotive and intentional is something I’ve been working on for so long and this little square foot under a skylight delivered.

these are some we took on the way over in a random alley. I always wonder if the person who painted these walls intentionally made it so damn beautiful or if its the product of lazy graffiti coverups. either way, it reminds me of Rothko and photographed like an aura.