June 18, 2018

Columbia River Gorge Boudoir Portraits- Sarah

Outdoor Portraits Portraits

Adventurous Outdoor Boudoir Session at Rowena Crest and Columbia River Gorge

its kind of weird to be writing this a month after getting scans back and three thousand miles away from where these photos were taken. Hi from my favorite coffee shop in Norfolk! This was my last shoot before leaving Portland and it was the highest note to end on. I picked Sarah up at the CRACK of dawn and we drove though the gorge as the sun was rising (magic) with plans to shoot at Rowena crest with the wild flowers. 

our plans changed when we got out of the car and realized it was SO freaking windy. and cold. and we couldn’t even hear each other over the gusts. We snapped a few and then went and drove half-aimlessly, half expectedly around the gorge. the results of this unplanned plan-b were better than I could have dreamed up

Oregon is so damn beautiful and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a twinge of something like homesickness when I look at this photo. 

It’s definitely worth noting that we scaled a damn cliff to get these photos so high up. It was scary and so worth it.

 SO STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL. Sarah has an absolutely amazing story and she’s such a badass and so so so sweet and had the best energy and optimism and eagerness.